New to Lakeside?

Welcome to Lakeside

Sunday, Dec 4 / 10:30AM
Welcome to Lakeside is a class to help you learn about who we are as a church, what it means to be fully engaged at Lakeside, and to give you an opportunity to make Lakeside your church home.


Sunday, Dec 18 / 10:30AM
Pathway is a conversation for those who are interested in exploring a relationship with Jesus and responding to his grace and mercy. For those who have completed the class and would like to be baptized, we'd love to arrange this for you as well.

Lakeside Missions

Inner City Mission

ICM is all about helping the homeless find lasting stability. Their efforts are geared toward keeping the virus out of the house especially since the homeless are a high-risk population, often with compromised immune systems. They have a set of guidelines for quarantining.   

To help you can PRAY:  

  • Mental & physical health of residents and for opening of deeper conversations for sharing the Gospel.  
  • Request grace and patience for staff as well as the families who are “cooped up”.  
  • Donations: non-essential donations not being taken however, they WILL take food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.   

Scott & Connie Payne finished their book, Unlocking a Broken World. The book gives a window into the homeless world and into the lives of the family and people working or volunteering at the Mission. The book now available. Contact the mission at You can also read a multi-part article series on homelessness at:

On Resurrection Sunday, April 17, ICM had three baptisms and two rededications!

Inner City Mission staff asks for your PRAYER on their behalf for a period of 13 months as they seek wisdom and direction as they develop a 10-year expansion plan for the mission. (The newsletter is posted on the bulletin board in Room 109.)

Lewis Memorial Christian Village

Lewis Memorial Christian Village seeks to provide exceptional senior living and health care in a loving, Christian environment. LMCV strives to be a place where residents are honored and nurtured because every person is equally valued by God. LMCV is at 3400 W Washington Street in Springfield. You can visit their website at

Lakeside has had a supporting relationship with Lewis Memorial Christian Village for many years and many Lakesiders have resided there for short-term recovery or long-term care.  If you would like to help in any way, please contact the church office and we will connect you with our Co-Key Auxiliary Ladies Linda Rhodes and Carol Smith. Individual serving opportunities can be scheduled through  the Activities Department or through the Volunteer Coordinator at 217-787-9600.  

Lee Elementary

The school 2022 school year has started! 

Lakeside encouraged the teachers and staff with breakfast and handwritten notes of appreciation in mid August. Thank you to those who cooked, purchased or wrote personal notes of encouragement.  

To help you can PRAY:

1) For kids in low income homes who are under resourced and those living in neglect or abusive homes  

2) For teachers/staff who are serving children with a wide variety of needs and potentials 

3) For a good beginning of the year for students and teachers Fall of 2022.

4) Pray for safety for all of our schools.

Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible’s worldwide is now a team of 573 working among 100.3 million people speaking 106 languages in 27 countries! Visit the PBT website at:

Specifically, Jeff and Laura Wilhoit have news that the long process of translation for the Toma people has resulted in an accepted translation of the New Testament! Jeff completed a trip to Africa to help work on an audio recording of the NT in early 2022.  PBT is also working on publishing 20+ books of the Toma Bible electronically by the end of this year, bringing the total number of published books to over 40. 

Update: Laura reports that on August 6, they received the complete dramatized audio Toma New Testament that our partner organization Faith Comes By Hearing recorded when Jeff was in West Africa in January/February working with our co-translators and several Toma speakers to voice all the parts!

  • Pray for all the people who will have the opportunity to hear and read the New Testament in their own heart language and be transformed by doing so.
  • Pray for the preparation and planning of a new Global Sending and Sign Language Center to be built on the PBT grounds through Jeff's leadership and oversight. 
  • For more frequent updates from Jeff & Laura as they work to complete and publish the Toma Bible, contact
  • Pray for goals of NT Recording in early 2022 and publishing of the Bible by mid-2023. Pray for health of the participants and for a smooth process with God's protection.
  • We anticipate a visit by the Wilhoits on November 20th!

Restore Church Plant

Restore Christian Church is a church planted by Ignite Church Planting. It is located about an hour and a half south of Springfield in Highland, Illinois. With your help, Lakeside has been supporting this church plant as they meet every Sunday in person and online at 10:30 AM. Please pray for this young family of believers and their lead minister Aaron Kelso. Check out their website to see what is going on: or visit their Facebook page at Watch their Sunday services On Demand through Facebook.

In November 2021, Lakeside was able to send $1,500 to help with the repair of the truck used for weekly service set up. Pray for those who diligently set up and tear down everything needed for their weekly services and for those in the community whom might find Christ through their efforts.

Myanmar Hope

Please visit Myanmar Hope Christian Mission on their Facebook page and their website at to view pictures and hear all the ways our brothers and sisters in Christ were blessed with your generosity in their time of need. Thanks to you a gift of $3,000 was sent in early spring 2021 to help with food and necessities during the political upheaval faced by this ministry and many churches in the region. Pray for Palal and Kikim and all the national ministers who are serving in difficult times and for God's blessings on the many ministry initiatives they are establishing. May their faith increase and may God's Kingdom expand!

Political Situation Update: View the My Hope website for the newsletter with a brief history of government/military interactions and how the recent changes are affecting the Myanmar people. 


  • for godly wisdom for Palal and Kikim as they navigate mission priorities in unsettled circumstances
  • for the Christian leaders facing difficult challenges in various churches and programs
  • for how to operate schools safely and faithfully in the coming school year
  • for continued resourcing of rice for those without work and hungry 

Myanmar is now in a declared civil war. In September 2021 Lakeside was able to send an additional $859 to help the churches with much needed food relief. Thank you for your generosity encouraging Christians around the world.

  • Overall, Myanmar Hope helped over 14,000 people with food in 2021.
  • Palal continues to mentor and encourage pastors and those in refugee camps.
  • Lakeside sent a year end gift of $5,413 to help with the rebuilding of a ministry center

Please continue praying for Godly wisdom & for the health of Palal and Kikim. The refugee camp families are mostly Buddhist. They fled their homes three years ago. A new Christian church is birthing within this community under Palal’s leadership. PRAY for these new believers! Go to the Myanmar Hope Facebook site for many photos!

7/2: Tamu celebrated the completion of the Christian preschool/educational building and hope to begin preschool classes this month. PRAY for God’s protection over the little ones and their families as this is a delicate situation with the continued fighting.

7/14: 2 more students have returned to HBS to continue their education!

7/19: Aid distribution in northern Myanmar to widows, orphans, blind, disabled, elderly, & pastors. 7/18: A New Christian Church has framework & roof in place for their church! We have sent assistance to them to help them complete the church building.

Recently the Hope School was experiencing some flooding. Pray for safety and restoration as needed.

If you are interested in receiving periodic updates on the ministry with photos and details, contact 

Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

Lake Springfield Christian Assembly concluded 2022  summer camping season.  

  • Pray for the camp with Prayer Points found here:
  • Praise for 24 decisions for baptism during summer camp sessions in 2021
  • Praise for $5,000 in offerings raised by campers for street children in Haiti
  • Over 100 attended fall Family Night Out
  • The Pre Teen Retreat had great reviews by students and their sponsors
  • Lakesider volunteers Lola Garrison, Norm Smith ,and George Ware spent the summer of 2022 keeping the grass mowed and the camp beautiful for ministry.
  • Brad Owen now serves on the Executive Board at LSCA.

THANKS to each of the MANY Lakesiders who’ve helped at camp. Praise the Lord for all the campers who had the opportunity to become more like Christ, to learn how to lead in Christ-like ways, to develop Christian friendships and to simply have fun!  

Taking Christ to the Millions International

Would you like to know how to pray for TCM's efforts to equip men and women from 45+ nations for ministry? Visit

  • There are 1,500 students registered and working toward Masters of Arts or Masters of Divinity degrees as they work to become effective kingdom leaders in their churches, cultures and countries.
  • Also pray for the international student, Erion of Albania, who's schooling is supported by Lakeside. Pray that his example and testimony will touch many in his ministry location.
  • Visit to view some short videos detailing the ministry of TCM. 
  • Pray for Jozef as he shares Christian love between Romanians and Hungarians.
  • Pray for Sergei who began a YouTube channel called Voice of the Church as he shares about morality, justice and truth with the Belarusian people.
  • For 2022 TCMI has plans to increase to 155 the courses offered in Austria, Training Centers around the world and online. 
  • Pray for TCMI's hopes and efforts to renew the Higher Learning Commission accreditation for ten more years.
  • Pray for professors and students and all those who come to know Jesus through their efforts.
  • Pray for the students who are serving Afghan refugees with food, supplies, and Christ's love.

Praise that Lakesiders Paul & Sunny Boatman were able to serve at TCMI in Austria in January 2022.

In May, Fred Hansen, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at TCM was able to speak to ten Lakesiders about the ministry of TCMI and especially the disruption from the war in Ukraine. The ministry has been working through past and current students help refugees with emergency supplies and transportation. Refugees are also finding shelter and help as they passing through Haus Edelweiss in Heiligenkreuz, Austria. To learn more go to:

In addition to all that is happening through TCMI regarding the war in Europe and aiding refuges, they continue to provide teaching for more than 2,500 students from nearly 50 countries. Please PRAY for God’s guidance of the professors as well as for the students to receive and apply what they learn! Gifts for the Ukraine Relief Fund may be made online at Utilize the dropdown arrow for designating your gift to the Ukraine Relief. Additionally, The TCMI 2022 Report in short videos at gives excellent information!

James Project

The James Project is a not-for-profit Christian ministry in Springfield, Illinois which provides homes and support for fostering families in Sangamon County. You can find out more about The James Project and how you can help and pray at  If you are interested in fostering or helping foster families, please check out the website for first steps.   

Current Happenings at The James Project:

  • Currently TJP is housing 20 children in houses with families and 35 children in extended housing as well as caring for foster children and families in Sangamon county.
  • Interested in being a foster parent? Want to know how you can help? Please contact TJP and let them know! 
  • Many foster parents need help with diapers. Considering donating a pack of diapers size 3-6 and dropping them off at 907 Clocktower Drive, Suite C in Springfield.
  • Pray for children suffering mental health issues and other disruptions to life that can make them feel unloved and unwanted.
  • Pray for foster parents to remain encouraged and motivated to express Jesus' love through hardships and difficult circumstances.
  • Lakeside's Men In Action put together a large swing-set for one of the foster homes. Thank you to Tom Hayes, Denny Tackett, and Jim Vetter for their work.
  • July 24th TJP visited Lakeside with a video and a display sharing their ministry.
  • New foster parents are needed, 3 potential families being interviewed.
  • Adopt-A-Room paint/decorate/shop projects are available for 3 of TJP owned homes during the next year.

Love Packages Collection

Would you like to help Christians around the world while simplifying your life? Drop off your unneeded Christian literature to Love Packages, a local ministry fueling international missions work and sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by putting donated bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world. 

Below is a list of items you may drop off :

  • Bibles (New or used, any translation, New Testaments or other portions, individual gospel booklets)
  • Reference Material (Dictionaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.)
  • Books (All Christian books – adult or children, non-fiction)
  • Magazines and Daily Devotionals (Any devotionals or magazine from a Christian publisher}
  • Sunday School Materials (Adult quarterlies and teacher manuals from all publishers; children’s quarterlies with the teacher’s manual and full student manuals.)
  • CDs, DVDs, BluRay (Music, movies, teaching from well known speakers [Billy Graham, Swindoll, etc.])
  • Tracts  (All tracts) 
  • Puppets, Nativity Sets, etc.
  • Bible games, biblical puzzles (anything that helps teach the gospel, especially to children)

Visit or call 217-532-6701 to find out more about the ministry and how you can donate or help process donations. Be sure to view the "Nickle Tour" video on the website. The ministry is located at 220 Union St, Butler, IL 62015. 

Missions Events & Opportunities

•  Mid-October: Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes available in Lakeside lobby. Due back November 13th.

• November 3, 4, & 5th: International Conference on Missions in Columbus OH

• November 13: Jeff & Laura Wilhoit with Pioneer Bible Translators will visit with us at Lakeside.

• November 13: Final Sunday for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox returns.

 Anytime: Pick a Sunday and worship at 10:30 am with our Restore Christian Church Plant at Weinheimer Community Center, 1100 Main St., Highland IL.

Anytime: Pray for Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

THANKS again to 95 Lakesiders who donated approximately 215 volunteer hours earlier in July to prepare 3,493 bags or enough for 20,958 servings of food! THANKS also to those who gave financially! Such a great opportunity to serve, to meet & work alongside other Lakesiders & friends. We had FUN!

Ignite Church Planting Offering

The mission of Ignite Church Planting is to bring the hope of Jesus to Chicagoland by starting churches. On June 5, Pentecost Sunday, we collected an offering to help plant churches in the city of Chicago. Each year, on this day, Ignite invites individuals and churches to participate in their Pentecost Offering to help Ignite start more churches. Chicago is a world class city home to more than 2.7 million people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. These people live in 77 distinct community areas across the city and most of these areas are highly underchurched. People who know the city estimate that two-thirds of the population have no connection to Jesus or his church. 

At Lakeside on June 5, 2022 you generously gave $1,714! For more information:

Christian Student Fellowship

CSF exists to help students find their way back to God on the UIS campus. You can help by praying for the staff and the students they hope to reach this fall. Check out this Facebook ( to keep up to date and direct your prayers. CFS Staff includes: Samuel & Renee Nassiff, David & Lindsey Lasley, and Gretchen Magruder. Below are some ways you might help this important ministry in the coming days and weeks. Also see:

  • Snacks. A group of 20-25 students will be gathering each Monday in the Fall/Spring semesters. Individually packaged chips, popcorn, sweet snack, candy,  or 24 packs of bottled water will be much appreciated.
  • Supplies. collapsible cart, reams of paper, blue pens, name tags
  • Gift Cards. These are used for prizes and student connections. $10 Door Dash, Walmart, Aldi, Steak N Shake, Starbucks and $25 for Walmart and area restaurants
  • Funds. Consider a special financial gift.  
  • Prayer. Pray for the students to remain committed to Jesus Christ and connect with small groups. Pray for the current school year and increased opportunities. Read 12 stories of ministry impact at
  • Other Ways to Bless: Check out CFS's Amazon wish list:

Furniture for International Students.

CSF is again requesting gently used furniture and household goods on or before August 13th for international student furniture giveaway. All the details can about what is needed and what will not be accepted on the website: 

Lincoln Christian University

Lincoln Christian University has been transitioning the way it carries out her mission due to a number of factors. Below is a breakdown of some of those changes and some prayer points to guide you in praying for the ministry. There are now three entities of LCU

• Lincoln Christian Seminary Continues on unchanged.

• Lincoln Christian Institute Non-Credit Option (see below).

• Lincoln Christian University Offers two BA Majors: Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

Lincoln Christian Institute with Dean Dr. James Estep. LCI serves as the church’s “Easy Button”. Responding to the needs of the church through four Initiatives:

1. Research for the church. Biblically based answers to Biblical questions or concerns. LCI Website Institute Tab

2. Resources for churches (PDFs Called Lincoln Equip, Ministry Guide Booklets, Bi-weekly podcast on practical, Biblical issues).

3. Events on campus, off campus, webinars.

4. Instruction: Seminars and Certificates (prolonged seminar). Soon to be published catalog of topics. You can request a professor come to you. Purpose of LCI: To be an ally to the church in fulfilling the great commission Christ gave his church. Institute or 217-732-7788 x2265

Master’s Degrees from Home

Six accredited degree programs available online include: BA in Christian Ministry, MA in Bible & Theology, MA in Organizational Leadership. Options to participate in on campus week-long intensives.

Campus Changes

  • Married Student Housing sold to be renovated with some apartments available for students.
  • Part of Campus leased to Open Arms Christian Fellowship. (Chapel, Gym, Dorms)
  • Current Campus will include Library, Old Gym, Cafeteria, Restoration Hall, and Warehouse.

Prayer Points: President Silas McCormick suggests ways to assist through prayer

• First, pray for our students, faculty, and staff. We're all in a season of great change, especially in this upcoming transition year. For some that will be exciting, productive, and innovative, but for all it will produce anxiety and uncertainty.

• Second, pray that we follow our mission faithfully and that those who support us will give us the opportunity to demonstrate what that can look like. We've asked people to continue to support us for two years, and then assess whether they are willing to continue at that point. It's too hard for all of us to see all that is possible right now.

• Third, support us financially, even if it is a small amount, and encourage others to do so as well. Regular, unrestricted gifts will be more important than ever as we move to a model that has more of our faculty spending more of their time offering non-credit educational opportunities in churches and less teaching tuition-paying students.

• Finally, and I would say this might be the most important: We all have to be better about seeing and nurturing Kingdom capacity. Every one of us should be pursuing a life of ministry built on a solid biblical and theological foundation (albeit in a way that looks different for each of us), but we as the church have to do a better job of pushing gifted leaders, teachers, and the like, to deeply consider the idea of calling. I'm convinced we're letting too many people spend years in worship services never confronting them with a sacrificial call to ask how their unique gifting, experiences, and personality, could grow the Kingdom.

Visit the LCU website at: 

Student Calendar

10:30 AM - Student Classes

Sunday, Dec 4 / 10:30AM
On Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM, our Sr. High and Jr. High students have their own separate classes where we focus on studying the Bible and applying the things we learn into our daily lives. Students are invited to come early to hang out with each other and grab a breakfast snack.

Sr. High Youth Group

Sunday, Dec 4 / 6:00PM
This school year, we will be learning how God's story and his Word connect with our everyday lives. Each week, as we wrestle with a passage, we'll also explore how we can live out the message in our own lives. We will move past from simply knowing the Word to living in God's truth. We plan to do this through times of worship, lessons, small groups, and games.

Jr. High Christmas Party

Wednesday, Dec 7 / 5:45PM
On December 7th, our Jr. High Ministry will be throwing a Christmas Party for all 6th-8th grade students! We've had a great semester of Jr. High Youth Group, and we want to finish by celebrating the birth of Christ! We'll play games, eat some festive snacks, and do a fun gift exchange!

Sr. High Christmas Party

Sunday, Dec 11 / 6:00PM
Our Sr. High Ministry will be throwing a Christmas Party for all high school students! We've had a great semester of Sr. High Youth Group, and we want to finish by celebrating the birth of Christ! We'll play games, eat some festive snacks, and do a fun gift exchange!

Jr. High Youth Group

Wednesday, Jan 11 / 5:45PM
This school year, we will be learning what it means to be following Jesus with a purpose. We will develop a habit of running toward Jesus. Instead of allowing our Jr. High students to just go with the flow, each week we'll provide opportunities for them to make their faith their own and take ownership of it. We plan to do this through times of worship, lessons, small groups, and games.