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Starting Point will give you a sneak peek into the basic beliefs of Lakeside, all while giving you opportunities to get connected. Join us for a free meal!



If you've made a commitment to Christ, it's time to take the next step and make your decision known. Baptism is the best way to express your faith and reflect your life change.

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It’s all about Jesus. Our exciting weekend programs for all ages are experiences you won't want to miss!

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Spirit-filled groups change lives. Gather weekly with people from your neighborhood to build a community and impact it for the better. At Lakeside, groups are vital to our church. They provide a sense of connection and security as we all tackle life together. Our neighborhood groups draw out the relevance of Biblical principles discussed in the weekend services.

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What we do together matters. Serving others is one of the most effective ways to live out your faith. In a world focused on personal gain, there is perhaps no greater way to show others what a life devoted to Christ is about. Sign up today and experience first-hand the impact our volunteer teams have on our local, national and international ministry.

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