Summer Camps at LSCA (all ages)

LSCA is an awesome camp that offers summer camp sessions for many different age groups! Below is a list of all the Traditional and Adventure Camp options, and other options are also available. For more information and to register your students, you can CLICK HERE! (Registration opens on February 1st.)

*Campers Attend Based on Their Grade in the Fall of 2023*

    • Hello Camp 1                    2-5 yr olds                                      July 14th (AM)
    • Hello Camp 1                    2-5 yr olds                                      July 14th (PM)
    • Day Camp                         1st Grade                                        July 13th
    • First Chance                     2nd-3rd Grade                               July 6th-7th
    • Trailblazers                       3rd-4th Grade                                July 9th-12th
    • Explorers                          4th-5th Grade                                 July 17th-20th
    • Junior Camp                     5th-6th Grade                                June 26th-30th
    • Junior High                       7th-8th Grade                                July 23rd-28th
    • Niners                                9th Grade                                      June 18th-23rd
    • High School                      10th Grade – Just Graduated      June 11th-16th
    • Adventure 5-6                 5th-6th Grade                                 July 5th-7th
    • Jr. High Extreme (Day)   6th-8th Grade                                 July 10th-13th
    • Adventure 7-8                 7th-8th Grade                                 June 18th-21st
    • HS Wilderness                9th Grade – Just Graduated         July 2nd-7th

Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

Date / Time
  • Friday, Jun 30, 2023 @ 1:00 PM
  • Monday, Jul 31, 2023 @ 1:00 PM