Homelessness Prayer Forum

Every year, billions of dollars are spent to help overcome homelessness. Yet, the number of people suffering on the street continues to rise. 50 years of homeless alleviation plans continue to fall short. We believe it is time for the body of Christ to take the lead in bringing restoration to those who are experiencing homelessness. Featured speakers include: Greg Pruett of Pioneer Bible Translators, Curt Fleck of Civil Servant Ministries, and Scott Payne of Inner City Mission. Attend in person, or join online.

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Greg Pruett and his family lived in West Africa for more than 20 years where they translated the Bible into the Yalunka language. While there, Greg learned that our Heavenly Father wants us to come before Him with extreme prayers. When Pioneer Bible Translators called Greg to become their president, he brought one strategy into the board room, Extreme Prayer. Over the next 15 years, our Heavenly Father blessed the work of Pioneer Bible Translators laying before them a pathway to translate Scripture into every language by 2035.

Curt Fleck is the executive director of Civil Servant Ministries, whose focus is to make disciples in the capital community. Every week, Curt walks the halls of the Illinois statehouse, handing out Bible Studies and offering to pray for staffers, lawmakers, and legislative assistants he encounters. His hope is to reach the political arena with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Scott Payne is the executive director of Inner City Mission of Springfield, IL. After 30 years of frontline ministry to the homeless, Scott has learned the root cause lies in broken, lost, absent, or rejected relational resources. He believes it is time for the Body of Christ to lead the way in eliminating street homelessness. Scott believes prayer must proceed the plan.

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