Scripture Verses

Genesis 37-50; Psalm 14:2-3; Philippians 2:5-11

Worship Playlist

Grateful by Elevation Worship

Way Maker by Passion

King of Kings by Hillsong

Study Questions

  1. Why are young people so incredibly disillusioned with their life, with previous generations, even with Christianity?
  2. As you contemplate Genesis, how has generation after generation fallen short of God’s righteousness? Share examples.
  3. Read Psalm 14:2-3. How might God be disillusioned with mankind as well?
  4. People tend to put their hope in future generations. From beginning to end, in whom does Genesis tell us to put our hope?
  5. Survey Genesis 37-50. What most amazes you about Joseph? In what way is he a “hero” to Israelite nations or tribes?
  6. Many people lament how they’ve been victimized by other people’s choices, or how they’ve been made to feel about themselves. How did Joseph flip the script? How did he see God at work in his life? How did that affect his view of self? What can we learn from Joseph?
  7. Read Romans 8:28-30. Often, we focus on how we’ve been betrayed by people. What does it look to focus on God's faithfulness and providential care in our lives?
  8. Read Genesis 39:21. How have you experienced the goodness, kindness, or faithfulness of God despite the ill-intent of others?
  9. In what ways does Joseph’s life foreshadow the greatness of the coming Christ? What will come for those who trust Jesus?
Downloads & Resources

Madness of Betrayal

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 11/21/2021