Scripture Verses

Genesis 1 & 2; 3:6-7, 9, 15; Psalm 8:5-9; Ezekiel 28: 16-18; John 8:44; John 10:10; and Romans 16:19b-20

Worship Playlist

A Million Saints by Meredith Andrews

Death Was Arrested by North Point Worship

Sons & Daughters by North Point Worship

Study Questions

1. What or Who is Man? What statements or perspectives have you heard voiced recently?

2. Read Psalm 8. In what way(s) might you share the same perspective as the Psalmist? Why does man ultimately need the perspective of God’s majesty to curb his own madness?

3. How are morality, immortality, and fellowship with God inseparably bound together? Why can’t we have one without the other?

4. In what ways do people express their search for God, for morality, and for immortality? Where or in Who can these things be truly found?

5. What do you learn about Satan from Ezekiel 28:11-19. What do we learn about Satan’s character, intentions, and method of attack?

6. What are some ways our relationships have been fractured by sin? Consider our relationship with the Father, our inner self, our fellow man, and the world.

7. How does healing come in Christ? What happens in our relationships as we Believe… Become… Build.. Brave…?

Downloads & Resources

Madness of History

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 9/26/2021