Scripture Verses

Acts 2-5

Study Questions

  1. Share a time you were in great fear. How do you tend to respond to fearful situations? 
  2. Read Acts 4:1-22. What upset the religious leaders in 4:1-2? What actions did they take in 4:3-7? What does this tell us about their attitude toward Peter and John?
  3. Read Acts 4:4-22. What was the reaction of the believers to John and Peter's account?
  4. Read the prayer in 4:23-31. How is this different than you might expect after all that Peter and John had been through? What are the three requests in 4:29-30? What is the significance of these requests? What does their prayer tell you about the character, power, and faithfulness of God? 
  5. Take a moment to praise the Lord for what is revealed about Jesus in this passage? Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare you to minister through the persecution you may face ahead.
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Preaching, Boldness, and Prayer

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 2/18/2024