Scripture Verses

Acts 3, 4, 5

Study Questions

  1. Tell about a time you faced strong opposition in your life. When have you faced opposition because of your faith?
  2. Read Acts 3:1-10.  What triggered the Jewish authorities (4:1-4)? Describe the exchange between Peter, John, and the disabled man. How did the man respond? How did the people respond?
  3. Read Acts 3:11-16. What vital points did Peter make? How do each of the titles for Jesus communicate something unique?
  4. Peter concluded his message with a challenge to repentance (3:19-26). What blessings would follow if they repented? 
  5. When have you seen the power of God demonstrated in your life or in the lives of others? What healing do you need in your life? 

The Powerful Name-No Other

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 2/11/2024