Meet Our Newest Worship Interns

We're exited to welcome two new interns to our Lakeside Worship Ministry Team:

Justin Brandon is a senior worship major at LCU, from Pleasant Plains, IL. We will get to see—and hear—Justin as one of our vocalists, worship leaders, and playing in the band. He will also be involved in arranging music and planning services. In addition, Justin will be working in the behind-the-scenes production areas of lighting, sound, and video. Justin is a Springfield area native from Pleasant Plans.

Hank Wuethrich is biblical studies major at LCU, and also a senior. Hank will be playing keys, directing and arranging music, and involved in planning services. He will also be getting experience in all the production aspects of the service. Hank is from Indiana, and just a hint: You pronounce his last name "Whee-Trick."