Fall Groups and Classes

Groups are a great way to become a deeper part of community at Lakeside while digging into God’s Word. This fall we are offering three options for participants. We hope you will take a step of faith by participating!

1. Rooted Groups. The first option is our Rooted groups. Rooted groups are a great way to ground your faith in God’s Word. These groups entail the purchase of a book, commitments for daily study, a regular participation commitment, and some “outside-the-regular-group-meeting-time” events. Over 50 Lakesiders have participated in a Rooted Group in recent months and we want you to have the opportunity as well. We believe every follower of Christ would greatly benefit and be richly blessed by this 10-week commitment.

2. Sermon-Based Groups. A second option is our regular sermon-based groups offered throughout the week. Just listen to the weekly sermon from the book of Genesis and complete a few study-guide questions each week before meeting to discuss, encourage, and sharpen one another. The sermon series will be called, Majesty over Madness.

3. Revelation Class. This fall, elder Steve Helm will be leading a class on the book of Revelation each Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 PM in the Worship Center. This is a great chance for you to read, study, and understand an oft-neglected book of hope and warning for the future.

Groups have started but it is not too late to sign up. Lakeside’s Kids Groups and Jr. Hi. Student Groups will be meeting each Wednesday from 5:45 to 7:45 which should be a help for parents interested in a group.