Brianne's Story of Faith

Brianne Impson is living her life on mission.  Her story is an inspiration.  For almost three years Brianne has felt the Spirit “nudge” her about reaching out to the youth in her town, Illiopolis.  Ever since, God has been doing amazing work through the youth group Brianne started in her home. 

Listen to Brianne share her story in her own words!

"Starting a youth group was something I began thinking about over 3 years ago. My oldest son was getting older and the kids were always looking for something to do. They were always hanging out at our house and a lot of times there were great conversations being had. I felt God pulling at me, but I literally was scared of what people would say or think, or of the kids not responding. So, I chickened out.”

“Fast forward to my oldest daughter becoming a middle schooler around the same-aged kids, there was a need for supervised fun and guidance. There was always a group of kids in our home. I mentioned starting a youth group again. . . this time with the encouragement of my daughter.  I was excited and ready to say YES to what God had put on my heart years before. I didn't want another opportunity to pass me by.”

“Our very first ‘let's start a youth group meeting’ was eight kids 6-8th grade. We came up with name ideas and goals for the pending youth group.  On January 3rd, 2016 we had our very first meeting and voted to be "the next chapter" or, more commonly known as ACTS 29.  There have been over 65 kids in and out of our different meetings, fun, and service projects.  But our meetings averaged between 22-35 kids depending on the meeting place and weather!”

“The greatest challenge we have seen is getting other parents involved and getting kids to and from different events and activities. But the greatest joy out-shadows all of that.  We are blown away by listening to the kids as their hearts open, as light bulbs come on and they "get it". They just GET IT! They realize God is SO GOOD.”

“Some of the kids in our group didn't even know God existed, let alone that He is good and [one day] coming back!  I recently got to baptize two girls that are dear to me at LSCA (Lake Springfield Christian Assembly) after 9ers camp.  I have to say, that was a moment I will never forget.”

“Our ACTS 29 group and I attended a youth rally in March. The theme of the evening was saying yes to God.  Every time to you say yes to Him someone is on the other side of that YES, being impacted.  I have seen kids and adults alike affected by our group, I wish I would have said yes three years ago. Listen for God's call and don't be afraid to say YES to Him."