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Care Ministry

Some specific opportunities include:

Prayer Chain:

The Lakeside Prayer Chain consists of a group of people willing to pray at any time a need or emergency arises

Who: Lakesiders willing to pray for others in need

When: As requests are sent out to the team by text or email

Where: Wherever you happen to be

Why: Lakesiders have urgent or serious prayer needs that require our care

What: Pray for individuals by name, lifting their need before God

Meal Train:

The Lakeside Meal Train consists of those willing to provide a meal to families experiencing disruption in their lives (birth, surgery, death, etc.)

Who: Those willing to support Lakesiders by filling a need for a meal

When: As needed after a Lakesider experiences a birth, after a death, or when temporarily disabled

Where: Prep at home or purchase from a restaurant and drop off at the home of a Lakesider

Why: Lakesiders need help from their brothers and sisters in Christ with meals in hectic times

What: Once you are part of the team, find a date when you can meet a need by preparing or providing food and drop off at the home address

Funeral Dinners:

The Lakeside Funeral Dinner Team prepares dishes or helps with the logistics of hosting a meal at Lakeside for families following funeral services

Who: Those willing to help families gathered at the death of a loved one

When: As needed, following graveside services

Where: Lakeside main campus

Why: Lakesiders need support and care of their brothers and sisters in Christ when losing a loved one

What: Be available to prepare food, set up, serve, clean up or wash dishes

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area:
Days of the Week:
Role: Behind the Scenes
Include In Summary Report: No